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Name:Veronika Boundless
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Hello. I am Veronika Boundless. You are welcome to call me V. Thank you for stopping by my little cyberspace home.

This is my political blog, a medium I use to offer my perspective as a working class, atheist, autistic, trans, queer woman, an adoptee, and an abuse survivor. Though I consider blogging to be an important way for me to resist oppression, I also like to get my hands dirty in Chicago, the city that I call home. As someone who has been an activist since Pride Day of 2004, I participate in grassroots resistance to sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, and other forms of institutional oppression. As a writer, I sometimes give readings at local events.

If you would like me to give you a hand in resisting oppression, please contact me.



You are expected to recognize that for the purposes of this blog sexism means prejudice against people who are not men plus the power men have over them. Likewise, heterosexism means prejudice against people who are queer plus the power straight people have over them. Comments about “sexism against men” or anything of the sort are likely to be considered derailing.

You are expected to refrain from posting personally sexist or heterosexist diatribes.

You are expected to refrain from fear mongering, especially when it has the potential to make women, non-binary folks, or queer folks the objects of fear.

You are expected to refrain from posting comments that designate this blog as a space more inclusive of people who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) than it is of people who are assigned male at birth (AMAB).

You are expected to refrain from posting comments that contain oppressive language, including slurs, regardless of which oppressed group is affected. I aim to be no more permissive of comments that target people of color, immigrants, sex workers, trans folks, etc. than I am of comments that target women, non-binary folks, and queer folks.

You are expected to refrain from derailing a thread with criticism of this policy or my implementation of it. Please post criticism and questions regarding policy only to the appropriate thread.

You are expected to refrain from revealing information that is sensitive insofar as it undermines oppressed people's activism.

2. Potential Triggers

It is my position that all content is potentially triggering and attempts to avoid only some potentially triggering content inevitably privilege certain parties. This, then, is my policy on potential triggers:

I will write the first non-italicized paragraph of each post in such a way that the reader can easily determine the content of the rest of the post.

I will construct hyperlinks in such a way that the reader can easily determine the content of the resource I have linked to.

I will follow the Internet convention of letting the reader know that material is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or contains depictions of violence.

I will tag all satirical content as such.

I will not hold commenters responsible for content that is potentially triggering.

I will leave it to the reader to determine whether content is potentially triggering before they proceed.

I will welcome comments that let me and commenters know when we have said something insensitive.

No part of the policy on potential triggers should be taken as a license to violate the policy on comments.

This policy was last updated on 2012–03–30.

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activism, atheism, demiplatonic people, freethought, industrial unions, lesbians, queer women's culture, social democracy, social justice, the color purple
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